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ZZZ St. Custom Order


This is a custom ordered wholesale package for the St. bookstore. Below are listed the items included in this order.

1. Custom Leather Messenger Style Laptop Case. As per agreed upon specs with hand carved labyrinth pattern on front of bag.

Quantity---1 @ $150

2. Chartres Labyrinth Leather Journal as listed ( es-labyrinth-handcarved )

Quantity---3 @ Discounted cost of $66.30 ea = $198.90

3. Compass Rose Leather Journal as listed ( rection-of-your-dreams-genuine )

Quantity---3 @ Discounted cost of $66.30 ea = $198.90

4. Gandhi Leather Journal as listed ( pired-genuine-leather-journal )

Quantity---1 @ Discounted cost of $46.75 ea = $46.75

5. Show Your Big Heart Leather Bracelet as listed ( big-heart-on-genuine-leather )

Quantity---2 @ Discounted cost of $20.40 ea = $40.80

6. Victorian Violet Leather Bracelet as listed ( violet-leather-wristband )

Quantity---1 @ Discounted cost of $18.70 = $18.70

7. Two Hearts Leather Bracelet as listed ( -bracelet-genuine-leather )

Quantity---1 @ Discounted cost of $23.80 = $23.80

8. Celtic Knot Wristband as listed ( t-genuine-leather-wristband )

Quantity---1 @ Discounted cost of $20.40 = $20.40

9. Custom Designed Labyrinth Bracelet as agreed upon with either a nickel plated concho (if available) or a hand carved labyrinth.

Quantity---2 @ Discounted cost of $21.25 ea = $42.50

***All items will be handmade by HawkLeather meeting agreed upon specs. Items will be shipped as one package upon completion of entire order. Expected shipping will be approximately 3 to 4 weeks after payment has been received. Due to the agreed upon discount applied to this order, individual items may not be returned unless there is a defect in quality or workmanship. If an item is returned for a defect in quality or workmanship, the item will be replaced. Since each item is handmade by HawkLeather, no two items are exactly alike due to the acceptance of dyes and finishes by each piece of leather used.

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