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Custom Orders & Sizing

Return Policy

Caring For My Leather Product


  1. What is the shipping cost for this item?

Shipping costs vary from item to item. We base our shipping cost on actual weight and USPS pricing. Shipping costs are usually displayed in the item listing but if not, it is quoted when you add an item to your cart.

      2. How are items shipped?

Most of our items are shipped using the United States Postal Service (USPS). Some larger items like bike seats may be shippped UPS. You will be notified when and how item will be shipped. Most items other than small wristbands are shipped priority mail and most items are sent with a confirmation delivery and tracking number. Tracking with the USPS to locations outside the US is not available. If you would like the tracking number, just email us and we'll forward it asap.

      3. When will I receive my item?

If you purchased an item from our stock listings with no custom sizing or modification, it will be usually be shipped within 72 hours (business days) upon receipt of payment.

Custom ordered items vary on delivery times depending on the extent of the work you request. When you request your custom made piece, we will give you an expected delivery date.

Beyond our control, holidays and post office closing dates will affect shipping times.


  1. How can I pay?

We accept and encourage PayPal as our primary choice for payment. It is the most safe and secure method of payment for both of us. All credit cards are accepted thru paypal and keeps your information secure.

We will accept checks and bank money orders, but orders will not be shipped until payment is fully cleared. If you would like to pay by check or money order contact us first.

Custom Orders & Sizing

  1. Can I get something custom made?

Got an idea? Can't find a leather product you once owned? Wanted to put your own artwork onto your own personalized piece? We love custom requests. It's both challenging and rewarding putting ideas on leather. We do it all the time and will work with all requests. Just send an email and we'll work it out.

If your custom order is for a gift, make sure to allow extra time if purchased during the holiday seasons.

      2. How do I measure my wrist size?

To send us your correct wrist size, use a flexible tape measure (photo 1) and place it around your wrist (snug but not too tight) over your wristbone. If you don't have a flexible tape, use a piece of string and wrap around your wrist (photo 2) and mark it and measure with a standard ruler (photo 3). Send us that measurement and we will allow the necessary extra for proper fit.

Photo #1

Photo #2

Photo #3

     3. How do I measure my belt size?

The easiest way to measure your belt size is to take a current belt, lay it flat and measure from point to point as in the below image. If you don't have a current belt, thank the lord that you are visiting HawkLeather to get yourself one. Let's say you just don't have one handy, then take a tape measure and measure your WAIST or your HIPS (it all depends on where you will wear your new belt--so this is totally up to you!!!!). Measure snugly and preferably over the type pants you will normally wear. Send us that measurement and that will be the measurement to the center hole as shown in the image. There will be extra holes on either side of this hole for those "light and heavy" days.

      4. How do I measure a guitar strap?

Take a current strap and lay it out flat. There is a hole in each end that attaches to buttons on the guitar. Measure the distance from hole to hole and that will be the center hole on your new strap. I will cut additional holes on either side for the adjustment to be longer or shorter for future adjustments.

Return Policy

  1. What is the HawkLeather return policy?


If you feel your item was not a described, contact us and we will work something out. Our number one goal is customer satisfaction, so contact us if you have a concern about an item. Returns and store credit are not out of the question if your concern is reasonable so shoot us a call or email.

Caring For My Leather Product

  1. What do I need to do to keep my leather in good condition?

Thank you for purchasing a genuine leather product from HawkLeather.

Proper care of your leather product will give you many, many years of wear. Leather will darken with age due to contact with natural oils in your skin and prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Avoid wearing your leather wristband in the shower. If you do forget, however, do not take it off until it is dry. The pulling will cause weakness on the leather surrounding the snap and may weaken or tear the leather.

Avoid wearing your leather wristband while swimming. Chlorination in swimming pool water will affect the finish and the dye of the wristband.

Regular cleaning of your leather product isn’t really necessary. A finish has been applied to protect the colors and the leather and will last for years and years. Occasional buffing with a soft, dry cloth will remove fingerprints and brighten any spots, snaps or buckles.

However, if you wish to clean or buff your product from time to time, we recommend using common saddle soap. Please follow the directions on the label. Saddle soap is widely available at supermarkets and hardware stores.

Never use cleaning solvents on your leather. All of them contain harsh chemicals which will break down the finish and dyes. If you are not sure, don't do it!!!! Give us a shout and ask about it first. HawkLeather will not be responsible for damage to dyes or finishes if you apply any solutions to your product!!!!!

Enjoy your product,