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Bart Crow, fast becoming a Texas music scene legend, ordered this custom guitar strap as a gift for his lead guitarist and long time friend. His up-and-coming band, "The Bart Crow Band", has recently held the number one slot on the Texas Music Charts, his fan base is huge and growing daily, and his most popular song is played by many "copy" bands all over the west. Bart and Paul both had some "ink" done and to mutually bond their long time friendship got the same tat. Bart contacted me to put together this strap and asked if it would be possible to put this tattoo to leather. Well, we accepted the challenge and my handcarving and Bev's artistic coloring was sweet!!! Thanks Bart and keep pumpin them tunes out.

Miss Kai Lane's Custom Journal

   Kai is a popular DJ and Radio Personality known around the southern US and based out of Nashville. She found HawkLeather and requested this custom made leather journal to log her life journeys and mystic findings that she encounters daily. A truly inspirational soul and enlightened person. A pleasure for Bev and I to get to know and make this happen for her.

Mike Spoer's Custom Guitar Strap

Mike Spoer is a popularly known guitarist who hails out of the great state of New Jersey. He is well known for his guitar prowess and has collaborated his talents with bands such as "Friends of Mine", "The Rum Boogie Blues Band" and others. He requested a custom made strap and gave us free reign to design and put together this strap for him. Knowing his admiration for one of rock's legends, we incorporated a small tribute to one of his long time idols, Jimmy Page.


Chris has earned his nickname. His legendary playin' and bass licks are absolutely crazy. His sense of humor is outrageously crazy. His willingness to party and jam is unwaveringly crazy. Yes he is one crazy mutha!!! Chris was recommended to HawkLeather by another customer and contacted us. He said he was ready for a custom HawkLeather strap. He didn't have a design in mind but said, "I'd like somethin with a skull--I like skulls Man"!! So, I went into the shop, put my pencil to pad and started etchin. I came up with this skull design and called him back. I said, "Dude, I got yer skull, what else you want"? He said, "I dunno, maybe my name or somethin". So, I then added his last name since it is kinda unique and fit with the design. Back to the shop and talkin' with Bev, I asked her about the design and told her I wanted to add something to the carving. Well, what goes with skulls? Yup, flames!! Hey Bev, can you flame up these letters for me?? "Sure can", she says and man did she do a sweet job of it. Well, Chris hangs his bass from this strap on every crazy gig and gets compliments on it all the time. I've had the pleasure to jam with him on occasion and it's always a blast--Thanks Chris